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Kim Welch, RN, BSN, CANS
Kim Welch, RN, BSN, CANS

Kim Welch, RN, BSN, CANS is a licensed and degreed aesthetic specialist.

Kim’s number one focus is to help you look as good as you feel! Kim has over 21 years experience since graduating from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA as an injectable nurse. In addition to a clinical nursing background, Kim’s professional experience includes over 10 years experience with a specialized focus on aesthetic injectables. Kim is passionate about helping her clients feel their best and her goal is to ensure her patients are consistently amazed by their results.

Top, Most Requested National Injectable Trainer
As a National Trainer for Galderma, Kim is frequently requested by Healthcare Professionals to train experienced staff/physicians on new treatments and procedures. Kim also offers training to new staff on the latest cosmetic injectables. If you would like to schedule a consultation, training session or coaching session with Kim, please complete the contact form below.

Come in and discover why Kim Welch, RN, BSN, CANS is  a TOP most requested national injectable

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